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About Us

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Our Story

Established in 2004, Miga is a family-owned restaurant, built around authentic, gourmet Korean food and BBQ.

We focus on using only natural, high-quality ingredients and making every dish from scratch, right in our own kitchen.


Chef Song’s culinary journey began in the heart of Seoul, where she fell in love with the process of making food

from scratch while helping her mother prepare a family meal. It was at that time she made a promise to herself

that she would keep her family recipes and traditions alive. Chef Song has been keeping her Yangban lineage alive and gained skills of Royal cuisine that has been passed down by word of mouth for generations. From a young age, she understood that meals should always be prepared with quality ingredients, consisting of local specialities

and fresh seasonal foods.


Song moved to Tokyo to pursue her culinary passion, running a successful high-end KBBQ restaurant Sumibian (炭火園)

for 7 years, involving only selective Wagyu meats and high-quality ingredients. After several years in Japan,

she brought her professional experience overseas to Canada to open Miga, blending the best elements of

Korean food, Japanese influence and family traditions to serve the Mississauga community.

Grill your own steak at your table

Our Food

At Miga, all of our dishes are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients. Our promise is to only select high quality cuts of meat, which are seasoned  to perfection and marinated



Chef Song grew up with a sophisticated taste palate, as her family only treated her with the best parts of each ingredient to offer the finest taste of the foods. As she is particular about specific cuts of meat and temperature, the meat from our kitchen delivers the natural taste of each ingredient used.


Our various Korean dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and natural flavours, and are well-balanced and nutritious. Korean food promotes a natural, healthy diet involving a wide range of ingredients such as meats, fish, vegetables and seafood with unique seasoning.


The harmony of strong and delicate flavours, contribute to the gourmet flavour that complements well being. 


Our unique grill-your-own BBQ tables serve as a sophisticated place for our guests to gather around and connect our guests with an exceptional and memorable dining experience. Our guests can cook their own premium meats to their taste and eat with compliments of their choice- including our fresh sides

Our open dining room consists of tables with a BBQ griller in the center and overhead ventilation.

Miga’s indoor dining space, including our private Tatami room cater to any event- from romantic date nights and casual friend gatherings, to large family meals, dinner events, and business luncheons

Miga's patio allows you to enjoy outdoor Korean BBQ experience during any season. Whether you want to order Korean finger foods and drinks on a hot summer afternoon, or enjoy a premium BBQ meal on a chilly romantic evening, Miga accommodates the perfect atmosphere for any type of moment filled with joy, excitement and happiness. Rain or shine, our veranda keeps you out of the elements, while sparkling rooftop lights create a cozy atmosphere.


Grill your own Korean BBQ
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